project management services with global experienceWorking on large infrastructure programmes worth in excess of £40 billionmanaging risk and maximising value

Business OperationsWe work in partnership with you, complementing your team’s strengths and expertise


We work in partnership with you, complementing your team’s strengths and expertise, providing active support of the right people with the skills and experience to deliver tangible results whilst managing any risk.

Our specialist teams consist of consultants with a real passion to add value and leave a legacy of improved performance. We offer tailored, efficient solutions specific to your individual needs, supported by a team with practical experience. Our services develop in direct response to your demands and challenges and deliver tangible outcomes and benefits. Some of these include:


Planning: Develop, manage and maintain project schedules and breakdown structures for progress monitoring and project planning, ensuring continuity within the schedule definition.


Setting the right direction: Helping you to demonstrate the case for investment, being clear on what you need to do, and defining the benefits you want to achieve through delivery of the programme.


Supporting effective delivery: Identifying and supporting the management of key enablers to successful programme delivery. Reducing the threat from common areas of failure, and helping to establish a more capable in house team.


Risk and Opportunity Management

The effective management of risks and opportunities is increasingly seen as an important competitive differentiator, helping organisations achieve success despite difficult economic times.

We establish a strategy for managing risks and opportunities that is integrated throughout the operating model of your organisation.


Change Management

We work with organisations from grass roots to senior management to build the case for change. We will help your leadership team to set the vision, strategy and roadmap to help you make the tough decisions. We can support your organisation to shape a change programme that focuses on the benefits and prioritises its outcomes.


Your Challenges

We recognise that in today’s world change is no longer a linear process. Understanding your organisation’s dynamics by placing an emphasis on the importance of your people, offers the opportunity for you to respond quickly and effectively.

An organisation that manages change effectively is one that places people at the heart of its transformation agenda. By working with your team to better understand the people-impacts of change we can help you to address some of your key challenges.



Increasing global competition means that organisations in both the public and private sectors need to concentrate on what they do best. Effective procurement strategies and well managed supply chains enable organisations to do just that- focus on developing and delivering products and services that exceed customer expectations.

We have been contributing to organisations across the public and private sectors to develop effectiveness in the management of costs and services, raising the recognition of procurement as a driver of efficiency and change. We work with our clients to achieve measurable changes in performance.