managing risk and maximising valueproject management services with global experienceWorking on large infrastructure programmes worth in excess of £40 billion

Delivering projectsOur portfolio management team provides you with the systems, methodologies and expertise to manage multiple complex projects


Portfolio Management
Our portfolio management team provides you with the systems, methodologies and expertise to plan and manage multiple complex projects in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our experts will assist you from feasibility through to operations, ensuring you have the control and information that you need.


Programme Management
Our focus is on getting the very best return for clients on their asset portfolio. We do this by combining consulting, delivery and operations into a seamless programme management capability that understands and manages the entire asset lifecycle.


This one business approach informs our individual services so that we always look to the bigger picture on how an individual piece of work contributes to the overall business goals. The advantage this offers you is a consultant that is fully aligned with your business strategy and is always looking to maximise return on your assets.


Cost management
Predictability and control of costs are essential principles for all organisations when planning and undertaking capital projects or programmes. At Adstell we safeguard your commercial interests at every stage of the design, procurement and construction process to deliver a return on your investment.


Project Management
We support your organisation to achieve its corporate objectives, our delivery team provides services to develop modify or decommission your assets. Our experts help you to achieve your project objectives while maximising the value and function of your assets.


Certainty of outcome is an absolute priority for any company undertaking a capital investment project. Our delivery service involves the identification, definition, leadership, planning, management, control, delivery and disposal of projects on your behalf, thereby achieving your goals. We work with a diverse client base, from local authorities to the largest multinationals providing independent advice and assurance on capital projects.


We provide our clients with:

Assurance of project delivery on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards.

High rates of return on capital investment projects.

Performance that conforms to your commercial policies, processes and practices at every stage of project or programme delivery.

Efficiency gains and continual improvement leading to cost reductions and increased value.


Providing oversight and controlProviding oversight and control: Providing independent and constructive challenge and advice to enable, and demonstrate to others, that programmes are doing the right things to be successful. Getting programmes back on track where targets are unlikely to be achieved.


Improving programme performance: Driving better value out of programmes – increasing the speed and level of benefits achieved while balancing opportunities and risk.


Delivering change: Delivering and supporting the achievement of measurable benefits through rapid and sustainable change.